We decided to make a big gamble of our own and are excited to tell you, that our hard work has paid off. In the spring of 2018 we were finally ready to launch our biggest project yet. ekstrapoint is live and the early results and feedback from both users and partners have been satisfying  to say the least. 

EkstraPoint is a free social gaming platform that primarily functions as a loyalty platform for casino-players. It’s quite simple: Every time a users plays at one of Vita Media Groups partner-sites, the user earns EkstraPoints, which can then be used in our bonus shop.

EkstraPoint was first launched in Denmark and the early results proved promising. We reached a thousand daily users on the platform in stride and could soon thereafter celebrate our first month with over 400 FTDs generated.

Since then ekstrapoint has expanded according to plan and is now an active player in six key markets with many more to come. A new and improved version is expected to launch ultimo 2019.