VMG Championship team is bigger: Say hello to our new employees!

New employees at Vita Media Group: Elena Aceska, Mihaela Rajkovska, Aleksandar Gligoroski
New Employees at Vita Media Group

Office life at Vita Media Group has changed over the last couple of months. Did the office get smaller, or there are some new faces around?

Well, we are lucky to announce that we have new team members who joined our crew over the past month. Elena Aceska, Aleksandar Gligoroski, and Mihaela Rajkovska joined our Skopje office and brought some flavor to our marketing and affiliate departments. They will help us write our unique Igaming story.

Aleksandar Gligoroski
Aleksandar Gligoroski

Aleksandar Gligoroski is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Vita Media Group. His journey in the digital world has started as an affiliate marketer for digital products. He sees Vita Media Group as an organization of trust, integrity, growth mindset, teamwork, fun, and so on.  

“I expressed my interest in a job opportunity at Vita Media Group because VMG is a start-up in a rapidly growing niche, there are a ton of opportunities, and this is pretty exciting for me.” said Aleksandar Gligoroski.

Mihaela Rajkovska
Mihaela Rajkovska

Mihaela Rajkovska joined Vita Media Group as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Each and every person is appreciated for their achievements and every milestone, no matter how big or small is celebrated together, is how Mihaela describes the atmosphere at the company so far.

“Marketing as a profession perfectly fits my results-driven personality and the need to always improve and look for new ways to do things” said Mihaela about how she feels about working in marketing.

Elena Aceska
Elena Aceska

Elena Aceska is the newest Affiliate Executive in the company and she will be a part of the OMG Affiliates team at Vita Media Group which was recently shortlisted at the Igb affiliate Awards in the Rising Star category. Elena was previously involved in the marketing world with a focus in account management.

“Having in mind that Igaming industry is fast-paced and international, my desire for dynamic environment and career progression possibilities were the key factor. Also, encouragement of initiatives and proactiveness, as well as being part of strong social networking.” said Elena about the reasons which made her join Vita Media Group.

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