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The creative story is a proven funnel. Users connect through emotions, associations, and engaging narratives.

Let Vita Media Group tell your story and experience real change with our innovative designs, compelling copywriting, and concept development.

A tailored creative solution for your brand accompanied by customized A/B testing is how we will lead you to new levels of success.  


One-stop iGaming solution

You crave leads?

We tailor them in the shape and amount you want them. Discover our detailed offering for the iGaming industry.

Vita Marketing Cloud

Get in touch and find out why Vita Media Group is one of EGR Global’s Top 20 Power Affiliates.

Vita Marketing Cloud is our redefinition of affiliation in iGaming. Through a multi-component affiliate marketing model we thrive in acquiring, converting and retaining social and real money players.

OMG Affiliates

Vita Media Group has created the recipe to establish one of the fastest growing affiliate programs on the market.

And being IGB Affiliate’s Rising Star for 2022 is a proof itself. Get in touch and discover the endless opportunities we offer in the casino world.

Finance IQ


Our lead-gen expertise is applicable in many verticals. Finance is one of them. Through our Finance IQ program, leading Scandinavian financial institutions are growing their portfolio day by day.



Our 8-year iGaming data bank fuels custom solutions that convert.

Best-in-class Retention Rates

We are creating communities where each user genuinely wants to be a part of. Our approach lets you reach interested users in your desired geo.

Easily Scaled and Localized

Building a company on the foundations of loyalty and trust has allowed us to become two-time Casino Affiliate of the Year.

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