Loyalty should be the assumption

Loyalty and lead generation usually don’t mix. Whilst there might be more tools, more data and more insights than ever to lead people from A-B, few seem to prioritize actually keeping people at B once they get there.

Our combination of traditional affiliate marketing techniques and our in-house developed retention engine, EkstraPoint, aims to make loyalty the assumption again, and, in the end, make paying customers out of what was once just promising leads.

A History of Growth

A Belief in a Better Way

Vita Media Group was founded back in 2016 with a firm belief that there was a smarter, more effective way to do high quality lead generation than what was the norm back then. Turns out that belief was more than just that.

The Belief Expands

By executing on our core strategy since day 1, we’ve been able to grow steadily ever since we set foot in the industry. We now work closely with some of online gambling’s biggest brands, creating results with every case.

We’re Just Getting Started

We recently opened a second office in the Baltics and have no intentions of stopping there. We hope that our track record of results and belief in a better way will lead to a continued journey of growth across not only countries but continents.

DICO Investments

This history of growth was what secured funding from renowned venture capital fund, DICO. Back in 2019, DICO saw the potential in our highly scalable business model and fine-tuned business structure and decided to pursue what has been a tremendous partnership since then.

Meet our team in Copenhagen

Our first office is located in Hellerup, Copenhagen. It comprises Tuborg Havn, the redeveloped brewery site of Tuborg Breweries, with the Waterfront Shopping Center, a marina and the headquarters of several large companies.

Martin Vaňo

Head of technologies for media group

Brian Nyegaard


Johannes Nord Jørgensen

Head of finance iq

Rasmus Hansen


Henrik Pitzner Liljegren


Asger Callesen


Jelmer Jetten

Head of Marketing

Frederik Skovgaard-Holm

CMO & CO founder

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen

Head of SEO

Jimmi Meilstrup

CEO & co founder

Jesper Lohmann

Board member & investor

Mikael Konnerup

Board member & investor

Meet our team in Skopje

Our office in Skopje Marcedonia is located within the stadium of FK Varder, Skopje's main football club, and has a beautiful view over the entire city

Dario Naskovski

Campaign Manager

Ema Stavrikj

Head of content management

Martin Iljovski

Campaign Manager

Elena Shokarovska

Head of Affiliates

Dragana Mitrovic

CRM frontend manager

Mihail Andonovski


Joana Goshevska

Full stack developer

Petar Vuksanovic

Head of technologies for Reward Group

Filip Spasovski

Chief Commercial Officer

Ajdina Sahovic

Web & graphic Designer

Sabina Alomerovic

Affiliate Executive

Risto Muchev

Full stack developer

Dimitar Goshevski

Full stack developer

Ljubisha Stojanovski

Frontend developer

Darko Markovski

Head of product

Mihajlo Srezovski

QA & Technical operations

Christoph Ertl

Content creator

Andrej Martinski

Campaign Manager

Klime Matoski

frontend developer

Need to contact us about jobs, business inquirys or other things?

Copenhagen office

Hellerupvej 8
2900 Hellerup,

Skopje Office

ul 1732, no.4/21 Building A
1000 Skopje

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