Data driven lead generation & retention company based in Copenhagen

By integrating run-of-the-mill gaming platforms with our data driven lead generation and retention engine, Vita Media Group expands the reach and grasp of affiliate and lead generating businesses on all parameters.

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We combine traditional affiliate marketing techniques with a revolutionary in-house retention engine to provide high-quality, GDPR-compliant leads to some of online gambling’s biggest brands.

You can read more in-depth about how our business is put together and what makes us stand out in the right ways by going to our investors page

Lead generation & EkstraPoint

Through cutting edge SEO-techniques, paid media retargeting, and data driven content marketing, we’re always able to find the right leads for the right brands. 

EkstraPoint is our very own revolutionary iGaming platform that turns fun and engaging online games into loyal customers and high-quality leads.

Custom-tailored points

Our recipe for loyalty is simple; fun games plus high rewards equal customers eager to play every day.

Easily Scaled and Localized

We’ve customized EkstraPoint for Scandinavia, Germany and various other international markets.

Best-in-class Retention Rates

Our custom-tailored points and reward systems are able to produce retention rates second to none.

Awards and recognitions

We are proud of every recognition we get in the industry

Top 25 EGR Power Affiliate 2022

iGB Affiliate 2022 - Winner Rising Star

EGR Nordics - Shortlisted Rising Star

EGR Nordics - Shortlisted Affiliate Of The Year

iGB Affiliate 2022 - Shortlisted Best Affiliate Program

iGB Affiliate 2022 - Shortlisted Best Casino Affiliate

iGB Affiliate 2022 - Shortlisted Rising Star

EGR Operators Shortlisted Rising Star - OMG Affiliates​

EGR Operator Awards 2021 - Shortlisted Affiliate of the Year

iGaming Idol - Top 3 Casino Product Idol​

Top 20 EGR Global Power Affiliate 2021

iGB Shortlisted Rising Star - OMG Affiliates​

EGR Shortlisted Affiliate Of The Year 2021

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