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Catching up with new employees: A talk with Marija and Viktor

Providing marketing services in the iGaming industry definitely means a dynamic workday, adapting strategies and action plans to recent developments in the business, and a lot of A/B testing to find out what works best. One thing is for sure. There is never a boring day.

We recently welcomed Marija Mishevska and Viktor Danailovski to our team. With a background in marketing, Marija Mishevska became a part of our marketing department as an E-mail Marketing Specialist, and Viktor took the Project Manager role where he connects different pieces of the puzzle.

In this interview, we spoke to them to find out more about their Vita experience in different departments of the company so far.

Marija, from a wide array of digital marketing activities you have worked on in the past, you started working on performance marketing in Vita Media Group where you directly see test different strategies and immediately follow up on the results. From your experience so far, what is it like working with performance marketing in the gaming industry? 

Marija: Witnessing how campaigns perform and evolve in real-time is very dynamic and rewarding at the same time. It definitely keeps you on your toes and pushes you to think fast, react, and adjust quickly. You need to be very proactive, ask a lot of questions, be a team player, and be a quick learner. The data-driven approach we use to evaluate the success of our campaigns is something that really helps anchor the traffic in the right direction, and we are able to do that in a matter of days because of the regular data updates and meetings with the team.

Your area of focus in Vita Media Group is e-mail marketing and your goals are to find compelling communication for target groups from different regions. Can you describe what is the process of researching the target market, and the target players, and how that translates into crafting copy, aligning with the designs, etc.?

Marija: Given the fact that I have extensive experience with market research, analyzing how the target audience thinks, and what their habits and preferences are, comes quite naturally to me. Of course, I needed some adjusting to doing so in the iGaming industry since this industry was completely new to me. Our main goal is to speak to the audience by using as few words as possible since we need to keep the content short and compelling. This is why we need to use words very intentionally and keep them tailored to the target audience.

You are a part of the Marketing team. Can you share more about your onboarding experience and the collaboration with your team?

Marija: The marketing team has a great structure and regular communication which has been of great help. The rest of the team members have been very welcoming and responsive to any questions I might have. They have been eager to take time out of their busy schedules to clarify anything that I might find confusing and share their experiences in the industry. The overall team spirit and cross-team spirit in Vita Media Group have helped me get a grip on this ever-changing industry, and the communication with different teams like Sales and Design has improved my understanding of the overall work process in the company.

Viktor, your work is mainly focused on maintaining and fixing issues on the casino brands under the OMG Affiliates affiliate program. You are a bridge between our company and the external vendors. Can you share more about your experience so far in the iGaming industry?

Viktor: Having no prior experience in this industry, what I can say is that I`ve loved every minute so far. Every vendor I communicate with is located in a different country and has their own unique style of work, our players are from all across the world and this makes the industry very dynamic and fast-paced.

Between coordinating with the Tech team, Design, and the platforms that are providing white-label solutions, which part of the job is the most challenging for you?
Viktor: The most challenging part I`d have to say is aligning time frames when the project has all of the departments involved. We use internal tech and design teams, but sometimes we have to include IT teams from the platform vendors who are located in different time zones which makes it a lot more difficult to coordinate.

From your Vita experience so far, how hard was it to adapt to a new industry, and what are the biggest professional challenges for you?
Viktor: It`s been 4 months since I joined Vita and I have to say that the people here have been very welcoming, everybody goes out of their way to help out which gives you a head start to getting to know the industry. We have brands that have activities in several continents and I would have to say that my biggest challenge has been keeping up with regulations for each separate country. 

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