Catching up with new employees: Meet Stefani and Jelica

Vita Media Group’s quest in iGaming is expanding each day. 

We are witnessing such smooth and fast growth because of all the talented people who choose to share their passion with us.  

The team is happy to welcome the latest additions to the team who have recently started in our team and are collaborating to achieve the company’s objectives.

We invited some of our newest employees to a quick chat to understand why they joined Vita Media Group and their future plans.

Today we are catching up with Stefani Danailovska, our new Digital Communications Specialist, and Jelica Ilieska, our new Data Analyst. So, let’s take a look at how our new employees are doing with it.

You started as an intern in the Public Relations department, and you progressed to your employment as a Digital Communications Specialist. Can you reflect on your time in VMG so far?

Stefani: One of the things I like most about working in Vita Media Group is the friendly approach of colleagues and great communication. I started working here as a Public Relations Intern while studying. The company allowed me to gain my knowledge and experience in the iGaming industry by being a part of one big project. Now that I’m working as a Digital Communications Specialist, I can say that I have even more freedom and flexibility to express myself creatively.

What motivates you the most from the company culture in Vita Media Group?

Stefani: A positive organizational culture is a key to feeling motivated and inspired at work.

Describe yourself in five words.

Stefani: Enthusiastic, detail-oriented, curious, friendly, fast-learner.

How do you feel about the new office in Skopje and what do you like the most?

Stefani: I feel so excited about the new office. The gaming room is my favorite spot – the place where you play ping pong with your colleagues and take a little break from working.

With Jelica joining our Data team, we are now able to dive into deeper data insights and provide value on a new level. Let’s hear Jelica’s experience so far in the company.

What are your everyday activities?

Jelica: Part of my everyday activities are: 

  • Collecting data and maintenance of the data systems for accurate and updated data.
  • Segmenting and analyzing relevant data for clear reporting of the performance results.
  • Interpretation and visualization of the results.
  • Create reports from data sets into a data science environment such as Quick Sight.

Describe yourself in five words.

Jelica: Responsible, curious, reliable, analytical, hardworking.

What are some highlights of the job so far?

Jelica: From my experience in the company so far, I can say that I’m happy to be part of one progressive and growth-oriented company. I’m impressed by the work culture, friendly working atmosphere, and great teamwork.

How do you like the Danish work culture in Vita Media Group?

Jelica: I really like the Danish work culture so far, especially the equality, the informal tone of communication, and openness. Communication is clear and straightforward among colleagues and managers alike, creating a casual atmosphere. Everybody is encouraged to voice their ideas and get involved in decision-making processes and professional dialogues.

What would you say is the most interesting part in your Data Analyst work in Vita Media Group?

Jelica: Until now, I can say that the most interesting part for me is the upgrading and learning opportunity. I have the opportunity to learn new concepts and get familiar with the usage of different analytics and BI tools, also to get to know the Igaming industry as a whole.

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