Changes in Germany’s Online Gambling legislation

Online gambling industry is always going through changes. Laws change, limitations take place, and all these changes, big and small, have a large influence on our brand EkstraPoint. 

In the Fall of 2020, restrictions regarding online casinos and gambling places took place in Germany. Since Germany is one of the biggest markets for EkstraPoint, this meant a lot of work that needed to be done quickly! 

Naturally, the whole website needed to be adjusted for these new restrictions, and that’s exactly what was done. Every “Casino” word needed to be taken away or changed to something else, as well as mentions of free games, and specific payment options and game types needed to be eliminated from the site.

The EkstraPoint team worked a lot of long hours, but as always, hard work pays off. Go ahead and take a look on our site, and if German is not your preferred language, you may choose English, Finnish, or any of the Scandinavian languages!

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