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EGR Power Affiliates 2024: Vita Media Group among the Best 25 affiliates in the world again

EGR Power Affiliates 2024

Vita Media Group solidified its position as an iGaming affiliate powerhouse, securing a spot on the prestigious Top 25 iGaming EGR Power Affiliates rankings 2024.

Inclusion in the EGR Power Affiliates Top 25 list is a highly sought-after distinction, recognizing the most influential and successful companies within the iGaming affiliate space. Vita Media Group’s consistent presence on this list for 4 years in a row signifies the company’s ability to not only keep pace with a rapidly changing industry but to also stay ahead of the curve.

The annual rankings report by EGR Global has grown to become the most trusted source on the highly influential companies in the iGaming market, thus that is why this is a massive achievement for Vita Media Group. 

A year of refocusing for Vita Media Group

The past year was a pivot to paid media and a stronger focus on lead generation for Vita Media Group. The company launched two brands that are still undergoing tests for a new approach, and the focus will remain. 

The decision to spin off the loyalty and retention platform Ekstrapoint into a separate entity signifies a strategic shift towards focusing on core competencies. Ekstrapoint has established itself as a successful program, amassing a community of over 150,000 users. By carving out Ekstrapoint as an independent entity, Vita Media Group allows both businesses to pursue dedicated growth strategies.

The biggest players in iGaming affiliation in 2024

In this year’s Top 25 Power Affiliates report, EGR Global positioned Better Collective, Group, and GiG Media in first, second, and third place, respectively. The power trio added strategic acquisition in the past year which helped the companies to both solidify their position and also expand their reach in new markets. 

Vita Media Group has secured the 23rd position, a notch below its previous ranking. This recalibration reflects a deliberate pivot towards reinforcing its core business operations—a strategic maneuver aimed at streamlining efficiencies and honing competitive edges.

With the foundation set in 2024, Vita Media Group expects a strong return to the list in 2025. 

The Power Affiliates Report is produced in a partnership between EGR Global and the independent accounting firm BDO.

What marked 2024 on the affiliate market?

  • Aggressive acquisitions – Established players are consolidating their positions through strategic acquisitions and divestitures, streamlining operations for future success. This trend suggests a maturing market where companies are optimizing their core offerings.
  • New markets – At the same time, competition is intensifying. Existing affiliates are expanding into new, untapped markets, while new entrants are vying for a share of the pie. This necessitates innovation and effective strategies to attract users in a crowded space.
  • Developing into the US – The US market is emerging as a significant area of growth. Affiliate companies are actively pursuing opportunities there, recognizing the vast potential as regulations around online gambling continue to evolve.
  • Change in leadership – Finally, leadership changes and strategic realignments within major affiliate companies highlight the dynamic nature of the iGaming market. Companies are constantly adapting their approach to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry.

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