Game on: Final day of the EGR Operator Awards 2021

It is a special day for Vita Media Group with the EGR Operator Awards 2021 right around the corner.

Vita Media Group shortlisted at the EGR Operator Awards

The EGR Operator Awards are dubbed as the Oscars of the eGaming sector, and that is why it is a massive honor for Vita Media Group to participate with two nominations on the shortlist.

In 2021, Vita Media Group succeeded to make it through to the EGR Operator Awards in the following categories shortlist:

There is no better and important recognition for the energy our employees are investing in than to be included and considered among the biggest names in the iGaming industry.

Vita Media Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Jimmi Meilstrup, will be the company representative attending the 2021 EGR Operator Awards.

In years of global challenges, 2021 has especially been a year of reward for our company, but also more of proof that we are moving on the right track.

The company managed to make it to the shortlist for Affiliate of the year at the EGR Nordics 2021 and the EGR Operator Awards 2021. The EGR Global Power Affiliates ranked Vita Media Group as a Top 20 Affiliate in 2021. The OMG Affiliates program made it into the Rising Star category both at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2021, and also the EGR Operator Awards 2021. Ekstrapoint, the first and only iGaming loyalty and reward platform created by Vita Media Group was a Top 3 Finalist in Casino Product at the iGaming Idol Awards!

Now, the company hopes are looking at the EGR Operator Awards happening on November 25th, 2021. Good luck team!

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