Q/A with our CRM team

Today we are offering you a unique insight of the CRM team.

The CRM team in Vita Media Group is on the front in managing one of the largest iGaming loyalty and reward platforms ever created – Ekstrapoint.com. Over the years, EkstraPoint has gained over 100 000 satisfied players. A number that continues to rise.

That is why we will get to know better the team members who are a key support pillar in this amazing customer journey, their organization and challenges. We will be talking to Dragana Mitrovic, Head of the CRM Department, Jovana Nakovska, Customer Relationship Specialist, and Katerina Popovik, Customer Support Specialist. 

The CRM team in Vita Media Group
  • The CRM team is handling the largest iGaming loyalty and reward community, EkstraPoint.com. What does it take to track players’ progress and customer satisfaction at all times?

Dragana: First and foremost I am very proud to be a part of this project since the early stages. I have seen EkstraPoint grow and develop as a platform and it is such a pleasure to say that the CRM team is playing a huge role in its growth and path leading to EP becoming the best loyalty platform in the iGaming world.

Both the live chat and email support that its offered to the users is of crucial importance. We thrive to provide answers to different user queries in the fastest, most detailed, and most helpful way possible. All that is done in a friendly manner leads to us sending the users invites to complete a survey where they provide feedback about their satisfaction with the support that is provided to them daily. These surveys help us to improve the support process continually and get ideas from the users themselves on what they want to see as an added feature to the platform.

The user base is constantly expanding so one of the goals we have is to keep the new and existing users coming back for more of what EkstraPoint offers. User retention is a key goal of ours. Brand reputation is also of major importance and that is where Trustpilot and our own website’s review section come into place. We are proud to say that we have managed to maintain a 4.8 score based on almost 600 user reviews.

Giving the sense of “community” is imperative and that is why we have both a Facebook page and an exclusive VIP group where we constantly share fun and engaging posts.

This is a small part of what is done to entertain the users, keep them returning on EP and share their experiences across the web with people that can potentially become new members of EkstraPoint. We will keep the rest a secret… for now and until our next interview! 

  • How do you organize the team activities to keep constant track of goal completion?

Dragana: Each team member has daily activities specific to their skillset and experience. Of course, ambition to learn and grow their knowledge regarding different aspects of the work is of major importance as with that each team member affects the overall team performance and reaching the goals set for the team in general and their own goals.

  • Vita Media Group is in the process of expanding the Skopje office. How do you manage the challenges of working from home and keeping team spirit high?

Dragana: WFH has been something that we as a company and the CRM team as its unit had to deal with for a longer period. The team has become independent and all of the team members (myself excluded) have joined during this period. With that said, we had to get used to this way of doing things from the very beginning. Luckily, enthusiasm, motivation, and work ethics have not gone “downhill”. On the contrary, I am proud to say that we have reached record-breaking numbers even though we were not physically together in an office and did all our work together in a virtual manner. How we conquered the challenges is by communicating constantly, whether it be through private messages with each team member, group messages in our team’s group, Slack calls, 1:1 meetings, and all rest that are required to maintain the team spirit high.

This is a small part of what is done to entertain the users, keep them returning on EP and share their experiences across the web with people that can potentially become new members of EkstraPoint. We will keep the rest a secret… for now and until our next interview! 

  • You work closely with EkstraPoint users. Can you share the customer experience perspective with EkstraPoint being rated as excellent on Trustpilot with over 500 reviews?

Jovana: Helping users, getting to know them, and most importantly seeing how much the users are satisfied with the help that we are providing to them is just one example of how well we are performing our job. When we receive feedback, it reassures future customers that we are trustworthy. We want customers to know we offer quality products and services. Knowing how to keep our existing customers satisfied is improving our bottom line. 

Positive reviews reveal who our biggest supporters are. These are the promoters of our business — the people who rave about our company and want to tell their friends about it.

When we keep customers happy, we convert them into loyal customers, which means they’ll be sticking with us for the long run. It also shows that we care about any shortcomings our customers have expressed about our business. And those now almost 600 Trustpilot reviews are simply showing potential customers that they can expect positive experiences with your company.

  • You recently celebrated your first anniversary in Vita Media Group. Can you reflect on your time in the company through the eyes of company culture?

Jovana: I can’t believe how fast time flies!

A year has come and gone, and quite frankly is not a long time (relatively speaking) but has allowed me to grow and learn under a mentor that fosters a workplace full of autonomy and the freedom to learn. During this past year, I have acquired so much knowledge and enhanced my skills. In terms of emotions, I’d say it was exciting, daunting, challenging, but (certainly) rewarding. I’ve learned that with effective communication, transparency, and mutual respect, it is easier to grow to love those around you.

I’m looking forward to coming to work every day at a place that not only values me and my contributions but also where I have an opportunity to make an impact and effect change.

 Most of all, I am grateful for the chance that was taken on me 365 days ago. 

  • What are your work routines while working from home that boosts your productivity and energy?

Jovana: For me, working from home is not a problem. I had been working from home since the first day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so having to adapt to the new environment was not an issue for me.

Working from home has allowed me to dedicate more time to long-term planning and to spend more time with my family, making me happier and more effective at work.

However, when your office begins to work from home, you’ll certainly miss the casual social interactions with coworkers that you’ve grown accustomed to throughout the day. You don’t have the small conversation and other activities that make each day at the office different when you work from home. So that’s something I miss.

  • You are part of the iGaming industry for a longer period in your career. Can you share your perspective of how EkstraPoint is different than other iGaming platforms on the market, and at the same time being one of its kind?

Katerina: I’ve been with the iGaming sites since 2007 and EkstraPoint is one step ahead from all the iGaming platforms, like a little gem in expansion.

 Well, the difference is outstanding as EkstraPoint is all about its loyalty. There is no other iGaming site that offers what EkstraPoint offers to its loyal members. I was kind of shocked by what EkstraPoint is giving. 

Daily, weekly slot competitions with real money prizes, a lot of points so they can buy their favorite bonus packages and on top of that with only x35 wagering without any maximum cashout, believe me not 1 site is having such kind of loyalty.

  • In the CRM team, your activities involve customer support. Can you share some challenges the customers face and your part in solving them?

Katerina: Yes, my daily task is customer support, well mainly my customers’ problems are connected with their accounts and I am there, trying my best to help them solve the problem or give them further directions.

  • The new office of Vita Media Group in Skopje will soon open its doors. What are you most excited about?

Katerina: Honestly I can’t wait. My first and last day in the office was the day the reconstruction began. I had met only a few of my colleagues in person, so I am looking forward to meeting all the great people working here.

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