Meet us in Marbella – EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2021

Vita Media Group is excited to announce that company representatives will attend the EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2021 in Marbella, Spain. Our team members are especially happy to have this opportunity after Vita Media Group was listed as the TOP 20 Affiliate in the world according to the EGR Global Power Affiliates list. 

The Summit is taking place on the 15th and 16th of September, 2021, in Marbella, Spain. This represents one of the first in-person events after more than a year and a half of virtual events as a response to the challenged of the global pandemic. 

This gathering is a live opportunity for all of the stakeholders in the eGaming community to catch up with the latest developments in the industry. 

The EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2021 will focus on different subjects such as a review of the affiliate market, expansion, and globalization of affiliates, review of different markets and opportunities, and general affiliate alignment.  

A Vita Media Group team will attend the EGR Power Affiliates Summit in Marbella. Our team members are at your disposal to discuss our business case and discuss how our specific marketing cloud delivers leads, how our loyalty and retention engine keeps players engaged and increases value over time. 

Discover how we can help you grow your business and why we are a preferred partner to work with.

You can catch up with us through the following contact data:

Jimmi Meilstrup
Chief Executive Officer
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Rasmus Hansen
Chief Sales Officer
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