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VMG Content and SEO approach in the era of AI: Interview with Anders and Davor

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world, processes, and businesses, as we know them. This technology has already found great use in medicine. Day by day, there is a bigger influence of AI in different spheres, and this normally raises ethical concerns, as well as authorization issues.

Even though machine learning has become a hot topic to debate, there is a unified position that this kind of technology will ultimately improve processes in a lot of areas.

Starting with the domain of digital marketing, ChatGPT is the latest product that has amazed marketers with its wide internet knowledge and the way it can help.

How cognitive computing technologies can be adopted and can improve the current doings is a brainstorming debate in Vita Media Group for quite a long period. As an affiliate marketing company, Vita Media Group invests in quality content to bring organic leads.

And with the introduction of ChatGPT to the world, the company immediately started testing the program. The first team to adopt training on how to benefit from digital intelligence programs was the SEO and Content team.

Recently, the Director of SEO and Content in Vita Media Group, Anders Dines Rasmussen, and the Head of Publishing, Davor Karafiloski, sat down to talk about the changes that AI and ChatGPT bring to the table for the company’s corporate blog.

We expected AI to have a major involvement in our daily business activities, but maybe not so soon. How do you see the path going forward with the use of AI, especially in the Content and SEO area?

Davor: AI took many of us by surprise, but it has truly and fully arrived, and it’s here to stay. We’re now in the testing phase for the best uses of AI in content and SEO, and we’re finding valuable applications, especially with ChatGPT. However, we can’t rely solely on AI and I don’t believe that happening any time soon.

In my opinion, complete submission to AI for content creation for SEO purposes is unlikely for the time being. The goal with AI should be to augment human creativity rather than replace it. AI-generated content will flood the SERPs, and search engines will scrutinize content selection even further to match the hyper-production of content. Consequently, content that blends AI and human elements will likely rank higher in the SERPs.

This is where human touch will play a crucial role in adding that level of circumstantial authenticity that AI can’t manufacture.

Moving forward, I believe next-generation content creators must have the knowledge to extract the best value out of AI tools to become more efficient in their jobs and create high-quality, SEO-friendly content based on AI’s assistance.

How will AI/ChatGPT improve the SEO work on all Vita Media Group products?

Anders: ChatGPT is offering a way to be more efficient at our SEO efforts across all VMG products. We’re already using ChatGPT to boost the effectiveness of on-page optimization and content production, and we’re not planning on stopping there.

While we continue to use AI with caution, we believe that AI has the potential to boost productivity and improve the quality of all SEO activities, ultimately leading to increased SEO results. ChatGPT’s ability to analyze user behavior and preferences, as well as its capacity for natural language processing, has allowed us to optimize content creation and improve our keyword mapping process.

By leveraging the power of AI, we can more efficiently identify opportunities for optimization, create more targeted content, and continuously improve our SEO efforts.

Looking forward, we believe that the integration of AI into our SEO strategy will become even more important, and we are excited to explore new ways to use this technology to enhance our performance and achieve our goals.

ChatGPT has surpassed the number of 1 million users within a week of its launch. This is a signal that businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, researchers, and others are already investing in methods to make AI a part of their business models. How is the Content team in Vita Media Group preparing to make the best use of Chat GPT?

Davor: As a team, we always keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the Content & SEO industry, and we immediately began testing how we can incorporate AI into our workflows without hindering our organic progress.

AI is increasingly prevalent, not only in content creation but also in other processes. ChatGPT and similar tools will only continue to improve over time, and we need to maximize their potential.

Our team launched an experimental project focused on maximizing ChatGPT’s capabilities. We are meticulously testing various approaches and gathering data to ensure we use ChatGPT to its fullest potential. At the same time, we follow Google’s stance on AI-generated content and tailor our content to comply with the latest Google Algorithm update recommendations.

We have already identified numerous benefits of using ChatGPT, but we also encountered some limitations, particularly when using it to produce a large volume of content on related topics. ChatGPT follows a specific pattern that reveals signs that the content is AI-generated.

Furthermore, fact-checking is crucial since ChatGPT occasionally provides misleading information. Nonetheless, we are pushing the boundaries of this technology and are excited to see how our creativity can fuse with ChatGPT’s revolutionary potential.

Considering how competitive the iGaming industry is, what are the biggest perspectives you see in using Chat GPT and AI to boost VMG’s SEO efforts?

Anders: We’re very well aware of just how competitive the iGaming industry is, and that’s why we’re trying to be one step ahead and improve our SEO presence. This also includes leveraging the latest technological advancements, such as ChatGPT. In this regard, we believe that Chat GPT and AI offer several opportunities to boost our SEO efforts in the competitive iGaming industry.

By using AI to optimize our content for SEO, we can analyze user behavior and preferences to improve our content’s visibility in search engine results. 

Additionally, AI can be used to analyze competitors’ SEO strategies and identify areas for improvement, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition and continuously improve our own SEO efforts. By leveraging the power of AI, we can enhance our SEO strategy and achieve better results, ultimately driving traffic and revenue for our business.

All in all, we are excited to explore new ways to use this technology to improve our SEO efforts and achieve our goals in the iGaming industry.

With Google’s constant updates and rigid policy in terms of authenticity and helpful mindset, can AI be considered a threat to the work in digital publishing?

Davor: Google has responded to AI’s growing role in digital content production by emphasizing the importance of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) in its ranking algorithms.

Google has made it clear that content created by actual experts who demonstrate expertise, experience, authority, and trust will be favored in the rankings. This doesn’t mean that AI-generated content is against the rules. It’s perfectly acceptable to use AI to create content, as long as it is helpful and provides value that optimally addresses the search intent.

Google made this abundantly clear in the latest algorithm update when it was stated that Google rewards high-quality content, regardless of how it was produced. In other words, Google gave the “green light” for AI-generated content as long as it abides by the algorithm standards and serves to help humans rather than manipulate search engines.

So, to answer the question, AI shouldn’t be considered a threat, but rather an opportunity to take our content production to the next level.

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