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VMG Meet Up 2023: Wrapped up

Each year, we save time for some special days and that is the annual company gathering where both of our Copenhagen and Skopje teams meet for a fun time together.

This year, the teams merged in Copenhagen.
Why Copenhagen?
It’s the place where the idea of Vita Media Group was born. Therefore, it is always the place where we go for inspiration and brainstorming.

This time we decided to organize the #VMGMeetUp2023 right around the Christmas corner. Indeed, Copenhagen was more than beautiful in its true Christmas light.

With the festive atmosphere in the air and on the streets, a lot of fun was a natural agenda for the annual gathering.

A tour through Copenhagen’s canals never disappoints

We kicked off the annual Meet Up with a visit to Kastellet, one of the best-preserved citadels in Europe. Today, the strategic location of this citadel offers stunning sights of the city and the old architecture.
The official residence of the Danish royal family was our next stop, after which we headed for a boat tour around Copenhagen’s canals. A pretty fun tour. The unanimous most favored fun fact of the entire team was to learn that the most popular statue in the city, the little mermaid, in 2010 was borrowed to Shanghai for a World Expo.

Bridging two cultures in Tivoli

Established in 1843, Tivoli is one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, blending timeless charm with modern thrills. Tivoli offers a nostalgic journey through its historic gardens, complemented by various rides and attractions.
That’s why we chose Tivoli to have our Christmas lunch with authentic Danish Christmas dishes. Between the laughter and the songs, we introduced a very old Christmas tradition to the Skopje team, and that is Risalamande. Risalamande is the big Christmas dessert, a rice pudding topped with cherry sauce where a whole almond will be hiding. A prize follows to the finder of the almond. This is similar to the Macedonian Christmas tradition where a coin is hidden in a pie. The hidden coin symbolizes wealth, abundance, and good health in the coming year. It is believed that whoever finds the coin
The best part in Tivoli followed after lunch when the whole team tested their courage by gradually taking on the wildest rides in Tivoli. Aaaand we can say that we finished all of them with around 96.55% of success!

Clear focus: Celebrating our wins and setting the expectations for 2024

We had the honor of being one of the first companies to host a company event in the newly launched Classic Car House. This venue is a creative concept that serves as a museum, a garage for vintage cars, a repair shop, a conference centre and a restaurant.

In a place that fills out the spaces with entrepreneurship, we hosted the annual Vita Media Group conference.

CEO Jimmi Meilstrup reported on the financials and the trends in 2023 after which he invited all teams to discuss each of their biggest wins throughout the year and what learning will they take for the action plan in 2024 to be executed smoothly.

Especially after winning the Casino Affiliate of the Year award at the EGR Operator Awards 2023, we understand our responsibility toward the iGaming community, as well as managing the massive expectations from our side.

Through our biggest wins, we solved the puzzle and lined out how we support each other in making the most out of our business goals. Exploring our interconnectivity creates stronger bonds, trust, and loyalty – which are the core values of Vita Media Group. And with this chapter completed, we also set up a clear plan for 2024.

It’s a wrap

With the perfect balance of fun and business, we wrapped up the #VMGMeetUP2023.
Until next year!

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