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Women in the iGaming industry: a VMG perspective

For over 100 years, March 8th, International Women’s Day, is celebrated globally.

The global campaign in 2023 around International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity and Vita Media Group as a socially responsible company fully supports the campaign.

We celebrate this day to honor the revolutionary activism of our ancestors which led to the transformation into a more equal society. And we continue the cause of International Women’s Day by embracing equity and equal opportunities.

As an iGaming company, this year we decided to offer a women’s perspective on the iGaming industry from the women of Vita Media Group, together with tips on everyone eyeing a career in iGaming.

We had the honor to speak with our colleagues:

Iskra Martinovska, Head of Graphics

Marta Denkovska, Senior Key Account Manager

Vanja Tripunoska Gjorgjeska, English Content Writer

Elena Aceska, Affiliate Manager

and Jovana Nakovska, CRM Manager.

The iGaming industry as a place where women build careers

The online gaming industry is getting a wider reach time after time, which makes it a competitive and attractive field to build a career.

Marta Denkovska believes that in the long run, there will be more opportunities for women to build successful careers in iGaming, if they have support from the community and the companies.

From a women’s perspective in the igaming industry I can definitely say that we have a strong presence, with a lot of opportunities to grow and build our career path. However, there are still some traditional roots where it has been male – dominated. We should admire that many companies have implemented policies and initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining more women in the industry. And should keep these initiatives in the long run. – Marta

As a woman working in the iGaming industry, I see this field as an excellent place for women to build successful careers. From programming to design and content writing, many opportunities are available for women who want to build their careers in the industry.

While there may have been some challenges due to the industry’s male-dominated history, I see a positive shift toward diversity and inclusion. Women have the same opportunities as men to succeed and advance in this industry. We are seeing increasing numbers of women in senior roles across the industry, including C-level management. However, female product founders are still a rarity. – Vanja

Advice for the women eyeing a career in iGaming

With the increasing popularity of the iGaming industry as a career choice, we asked our colleagues to share some advice for the women.

 It is important to understand the basics of the iGaming industry before embarking on a career. Research the industry, familiarize yourself with the different types of games and platforms, and find out what the job roles involve.

The iGaming industry is a highly competitive environment, and having the right contacts can make a big difference. Join online forums and communities, and make use of social media to network with like-minded people.
Many iGaming jobs require specialized technical skills and knowledge. Invest in yourself and take courses and workshops to stay up to date with the latest tools and technologies. – Jovana

Be your best, authentic self. Simply giving 110% dedication to your job and team, is the first step to career success. – Iskra

 If you consider entering the iGaming industry,be prepared to evolve at the dynamic pace of the industry. Connect with other professionals from the industry to see how you can cooperate or share experiences,follow the latest trends and updates and be passionate about all of it. – Elena

What can we as people, companies and professionals do more to make the iGaming industry a better place for women and aspiring women leaders?

Equal opportunities is a topic that is always high on the agenda. That is why we looked into some of the matters our colleagues believe that companies in iGaming should continue working on in the future to provide equal work places.

Our colleagues firmly believe that the most important road to a better workplace is to support and champion other women.

Working environments should showcase a culture of diversity, equal career growth and advancement opportunities, and eliminating gender-based pay gaps. As dynamic as iGaming gets, we should be considerate of the gender and biological needs of the women in our professional surroundings, and enable an inclusive environment full of understanding.

At Vita Media Group, we are beyond proud of the women in our company. Their approach has made our company a better place, a reliable partner, and an award-winning affiliate machine.


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