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Dear clients, 

We inform you that we have received information indicating that unknown perpetrators through false representation on behalf of Vita Media Group offer and negotiate deals citing, a product developed and managed by Vita Media Group.

Please beware of this type of cyber abuse which has motives such as identity theft, personal information, misuse of funds, and so on. We have received information that these unknown perpetrators offer and negotiate deals, negotiate prices, and send hidden information and links. We strongly advise you not to get in touch with these people to protect yourself from numerous online scams that could harm you, your brand, and all of this ultimately might cause financial harm.

Vita Media Group is a responsible company that operates in accordance with the legislation in all markets where it represents its brands. This is the source of the reputation that Vita Media Group enjoys as a company.

On this occasion, we urge you to be extremely careful in your communications and sharing of information to prevent unwanted online abuse.

Vita Media Group and all the brands it represents (; OMG Affiliates, Finance IQ) are exclusively represented by competent employees in this company and not by third parties.

For all your questions, documents, and information related to business cooperation with Vita Media Group, please contact only:

Rasmus Hansen, Chief Sales Officer (

Marta Denkovska, Account Manager (

Vita Media Group will continue now and in the future with responsible corporate habits that will improve the standards in the iGaming industry and therefore calls for general caution from third parties and organizations that have dishonest intentions.

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