The winter transfer deadline did us justice: Meet and greet our latest additions to the team

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In times of an international pandemic crisis, a lot of businesses are pressured and are faced with challenges such as rapid digitalization, remodeling internal processes, and following specific Covid 19 protocols so that public health is presumed and normal workflow is kept. 

At Vita Media Group, we felt the increase in market demand for digital services. As a part of the Igaming industry, one of the first indicators of the market fluctuations were more users online, more traffic on all of our platforms, and more user actions executed in the same period. 

The first challenge was to structure this kind of flow and to rethink our internal resources in terms of an immediate response to the increased digital activities. 

Therefore, we had some work in the winter transfer deadline and as an outcome, we grew our team for 7 new members and we are happy to have them here!

Starting with Aleksandar Aleksovski, who added some muscles to the dev team. Aleksandar joined as our Senior Java Developer.

Aleksandar is a Bachelor of Science in Applied Informatics. He works for more than 15 years on varieties of solutions. Most of his projects were connected with mobile operators, scraping data, and the automotive industry. During this time, he managed to work with a lot of different technologies and to gain experience in different fields. 

Vita Media Group told me an interesting story, how the company is arranged and way of developing the solutions. From the story, I saw myself on an interesting path and new challenges that will be great to overcome.” said Aleksandar when describing what attracted him to our company.

Our CRM team introduced two new team members: Elizabeta Jovanovska and Jovana Nakovska

Elizabeta, or as she would introduce herself, Betty Lynn, works as our Customer Success Manager. She has a BA in Cultures and Communications. Her past work experience as a Flight attendant (attractions operations manager) in one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, was helping passengers have a unique traveling experience at the Star Tours ride. She is also a professional fitness instructor and one of her biggest personal achievements is that she was a Top 10 finalist at Macedonian Idol!

“Dynamic, Dynamic, Dynamic!!! You can’t get bored here cuz there’s always something going on! I liked it so far and I’m very happy that I contributed and made some results in my first month!” said Elizabeta regarding her time at Vita Media Group so far. 

Jovana, studied Public Relations at the International Balkan University in Skopje. She has worked as a virtual assistant in the real estate industry for a San Diego-based company where she handled client communications and crafted e-mail campaigns. Her first impressions of Vita Media Group are flattering and we are happy to hear these words!

“VMG has a Company culture that I’ve never seen or heard about. This company culture motivates team members to give their full selves to the job and invest in the company’s future. Employees are more than just coworkers. Individuals treat each other with respect and kindness, and the company culture encourages meaningful interactions between colleagues. Leadership has a clear objective on how to make an impact in society and use it to motivate employees.” is the way Jovana sees the atmosphere in Vita Media Group. 

Continuing with our Affiliate team, we are happy to welcome Xhana Volina as our Affiliate Executive who will work her magic and bring us quality traffic. Xhana studied English language and literature at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. She was a Team Led in a Logistics Service Provider and helped companies manage their transportation issues smoothly.

“The fact that the work is in a challenging and ever-changing business.” is what Xhana said was the key factor that made her join Vita Media Group.  

On to the SEO team we go, where we welcomed Ivan Veta, as our new Backlink Outreach Manager. Ivan has a medical background both professional and educational. However, since he was a kid, his inner drive guided him to digital skills because that’s how he imagined the future of business. That is also the reason why he learned basic HTML and Illustrator in his spare time before he made the switch. He started as a content writer and worked his way as an SEO specialist as a freelancer. 

Honestly, my first week in VMG was a jaw-dropping experience. Compared with my previous experiences, I have never seen so much organization, communication, and commitment from all people who work in the same company. Being part of VMG is an awesome experience and privilege.” stated Ivan about his experience in Vita Media Group.

Martin Manaskov is our starting point at the PR Department. He joined as our Head of Public Relations. He has fruitful experience in the Marketing and Communications industry and worked on numerous image, sales, and CSR campaigns for one of the biggest Macedonian banks. His resume includes days as a journalist and a researcher working on media and security analyses. 

“I just love it. The people here share the same energy and motive which brings joy in working. The Igaming industry brought to my attention and I am really satisfied to join an ambitious team aiming to change an entire industry.” said Martin when asked how he feels about this career change.  

Last, but not least, is Oliver Boranievski, our new Graphic Designer. Oliver studied Industrial design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje. Later on, he decided to make a career switch and finished a Graphic Design Academy. From there, he started working in the advertising industry and delivered visuals that and design concepts to clients from various industries. 

“Everyone is super friendly and helpful and despite the work from home situation, you can feel the welcoming atmosphere all over. I would also like to share my impression of how organized things are.” These are his first impressions from Vita Media Group.

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