The Dev team got some muscles with a new Full-stack

Nikola Tanev, Full-stack developer at Vita Media Group
Nikola Tanev, Full-stack developer at Vita Media Group

The recent period in Vita Media Group has been very dynamic. The team Is active in many fields. The growth culture is what keeps the engine running. Because of this, Vita Media Group constantly enriches its team.

The latest crew member who got to join Vita Media Group is Nikola Tanev. Nikola is a Full-stack web developer who will add some muscles to our Dev team. He will be working on Ekstrapoint – a loyalty platform developed by Vita Media Group to offer free games and competitions based on a reward model for all the casino games enthusiasts.

Nikola considers himself as a technology lover and he says that is the reason he decided electronics to be his high school path so that he can later continue his education in computer science.

“The interesting part in my career began when I started working as an intern in the IT industry, where I had the chance to use my knowledge to create actual software. Priceless.” said Nikola.

Throughout his career, Nikola has been involved in developing software for the iGaming industry and in more recent time he worked on a mobile banking system.

“I’m proud of every successfully implemented feature, I’m proud of the outstanding teams that I worked with, I’m proud of every happy user that I developed the software for.” Said our new Full-stack developer.

Asked about the time spent so far in Vita Media Group, Nikola describes that the energy in the company is very welcoming and supportive and that is why he really enjoys his time in the company.

“I especially like the part where we celebrate every assignment that has been done successfully. I am also very happy and excited about the project that I will work on and that I will get back on track in the iGaming industry again.”

This is how Nikola sees VMG through his eyes.

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