Vita Media Group will attend the Affiliate Grand Slam 2021

Affiliate Grand Slam Summit 2021

With a focus on safety and the intensified immunization processes around the world that aim to tackle Covid 19 faster, a lot of networking possibilities arise once again. The iGaming industry and the Marketing community as well, are bringing back the flame of promoting the best industry practices, and the event that is right around the corner is the Affiliate Grand Slam 2021.

That is why Vita Media Group is happy to announce that its representatives will attend the Affiliate Grand Slam Summit 2021 in Dubai which will be held on the 25th and 26th of May, 2021.

The champs that will represent Vita Media Group are:
Jimmi Meilstrup, CEO |
Henrik Pitzner Liljegren, CTO |
Frederik Skovgaard-Holm, CMO |
Filip Spasovski, CCO |

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And now, why the Affiliate Grand Slam Summit 2021? Because we are always where the fun is at.

This event unites a worldwide industry and brings the latest news and trends in one place with content marketing professionals, lead generation specialists, media groups, affiliates, SEO specialists from all over the world. This event should bring together about three thousand affiliates, editors, consultants, and suppliers to discuss the latest trends and interact while doing business. The expectation is to have 150 exhibitors.

Vita Media Group supports events that raise the quality of the industry and will gladly offer business possibilities and consultancy in providing top-class leads for the iGaming industry.

Since 2016, Vita Media Group is reshaping the iGaming industry with unique affiliate marketing techniques that go straight up to Ekstrapoint.

Ekstrapoint is a loyalty platform designed and produced exclusively by Vita Media Group and serves as an appreciation hub for all the casino lovers out there. The model of this loyalty platform includes offering casino players free casino games and competition where they earn free EkstraPoints.

This unique experience provided by Ekstrapoint was a reason enough for itself to get Vita Media Group a spot on the shortlist by EGR in the Affiliate of the year category 2020.

Stay tuned for more updates by Vita Media Group representatives after the Affiliate Grand Slam 2021 in Dubai.

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