Interview with Michael Asselta, General Manager North America – Affilisearch: The experience at Affiliate Summit East

Michael Asselta, the General Manager of North America – AffiliSearch, attended this year’s Affiliate Summit East in New York. 

This Summit was the first opportunity for Vita Media Group’s team to present its products and services on the American market to a larger iGaming audience.

Affiliate Summit East is a branch summit of the Affiliate Summit family, which was formed in 2003, and speaks volumes about the event’s history and reputation.

Michael shared with us his experience and impressions from the Affiliate Summit East in New York.

Can you tell us more about your impressions of the Affiliate Summit East?  

Michael: It’s always interesting going to these summits because I get to see existing clients and meet potential new ones. 

Seeing people face to face is the best way to improve existing relationships and generate new business.  

Another important aspect is to see the current focuses and trends of the business. For example, there are now a lot of click-to-call offers that are actually winning more traffic than the traditional CPA model or CPL model on US-based offers such as auto insurance, legal offers, and mortgage refinance offers amongst others.

Since things move quickly in this business it’s good to stay on point by attending several big shows a year.

What are your key takeaways from the Summit? 

Michael: Meeting old clients and getting them up to speed on my new role and Affilisearch. 

Generating a lot of contacts who can state target for our New Jersey-based operations. Seeing industry trends and learning where I need to be focusing.

What are your predictions after this Summit in regards to Affilisearch and Ekstrapoint? 

Michael: This will definitely generate more business on the non-gambling side of Affilisearch.  Once we open our white-label lead gen offers there will be a ton of interest from publishing sources since they prefer unique offers to network or third-party offers.  

Regarding Ekstrapoint and the NJ-based casinos, it’s good to meet some publishers who can state target so we can focus on getting things moving there.

How will Vita Media’s expansion go on in the future? 

Michael: Conquer the US market – it’s not something that will happen overnight. 

We need to be smart with our tests and expand state by state intelligently.  

With the help and guidance of Vita Media Group’s CMO, Frederik-Skovgaard Hom, and CSO, Rasmus Hansen, II think we should be fine, and I am very confident.

How are our potential partners and investors reacting to Ekstrapoint and Affilisearch? 

Michael: People seemed very excited about Ekstrapoint because right now ‘social gaming’ is very big in the US market. 

Not every publisher has a solid relationship with this vertical. 

They are also excited about our partner casinos because the CPAs are enticing. Regarding the network Affilisearch in general, people seemed excited especially about us opening our white labels.

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