Vita Media Group acquired AffiliSearch

The latest business development opens an even faster path to growth for Vita Media Group

Vita Media Group, a Top 20 Affiliate for 2021 according to EGR Global, is excited to announce the acquisition of Affili Search, a European affiliate network.

AffiliSearch in the future will operate as an integrated part of Vita Media Group’s business vertical OMG Affiliates. AffiliSearch has been founded in 2009 and operates in different European markets with the UK being the leading one.

With the latest acquisition, Vita Media Group has kept a trend of growth and expansion as a step towards broadening the business verticals and improving the commercial offer for all stakeholders in the iGaming industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of Vita Media Group, Jimmi Meilstrup believes this investment will increase the quality of the commercial offer of the company in several layers.

“Our company is expanding once again. I am most certainly happy that our collective effort of growing activities is translating into higher Danish expertise in iGaming by acquiring the Danish affiliate network AffiliSearch, as well as better overall quality of what Vita Media Group has to offer.

With the strong company culture and values we have nurtured over the years, we feel ready to take over and set a leading example for the complete affiliate experience.” stated Jimmi Meilstrup, Chief Executive Officer at Vita Media Group.

The clear growth vision for OMG Affiliates is what makes the company certain with the acquisition of Affili Search, believes Elena Shokarovska, Head of Affiliates at Vita Media Group and Head of OMG Affiliates.

“The OMG Affiliates platform has shown its growth potential on multiple occasions in little less than 2 years since the program has been launched, and with the latest development, OMG Affiliates confirms its market position as a fast-growing affiliate program. In the next period, we will maximize our efforts in integrating the affiliate base of Affili Search and welcome the affiliates with what OMG Affiliates does best – a personalized approach that results in maximizing traffic and overall business growth for affiliates.” stated Elena Shokarovska, Head of Affiliates at Vita Media Group and Head of OMG Affiliates.

Combining knowledge of affiliate networks and affiliate programs is the right direction to growth, believes Mads Nichloas, CMO of AffiliSearch.

“I only see a positive development in Affili Search becoming part of the large Vita Media Group family. Of course, I am more than happy that another Danish company is taking over the wheel of our network, prepared to bring it to new heights with exclusive brands,” stated Mads Nicholas, CMO of AffiliSearch.

In the year of 2021, Vita Media Group multiplied its growth efforts. The company managed to make the Affiliate of the year shortlist at the EGR Nordics 2021, EGR Operator Awards 2021, and a Top 3 spot in Casino Product at the iGaming Idol Awards, and on top of that, the company was listed as the Top 20th Affiliate in the world according to EGR Global.

The OMG Affiliates business vertical in its second year of existence managed to make the Rising Star shortlist both at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2021 and the EGR Operator Awards 2021. Previously in 2021, Vita Media Group solidified its growth case by the acquisition of the winning Trada Casino.

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