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Vita Media Group supported Cancer treatment Research

Vita Media Group supported Cancer treatment Research

Vita Media Group is proud to announce that it has joined the fight against cancer with the support of Knæk Cancer, a Danish organization working in the field of researching cancer cure and treatment.

With a donation of 25.000 DKK, Vita Media Group contributed through a fundraising show to the cause of combatting the disease, treatment, prevention, and overcoming the consequences of cancer.

As a company that supports and wants to be an active promotor of social responsibility in companies, Vita Media Group is always proactive in showing care in ways that will help society, especially when it comes to cancer as a disease that affects relatives, friends, and people from our everyday life.

The Knæk Cancer (Crack Cancer) organization and TV 2, both from Denmark, have partnered in a range of ways that people and companies can join and support the fight against cancer, and this is the possibility our company has used this Saturday (October 30th) to support the movement.

Throughout the years, the Knæk Cancer organization has raised funds that have either helped or initiated 358 projects of research or cancer treatment nature.

Vita Media Group strongly encourages you to boldly support the fight against cancer and contribute to the Knæk Cancer organization through their website.

Visit Knæk Cancer and donate today!

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