Vita Media Group joins EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2022

Vita Media Group is delighted to announce that representatives from Vita Media Group will attend the EGR Power Affiliates Summit.

The Summit will take place in Marbella, Spain, from May 9th to 11th, 2022. This Summit is the industry’s most important event and a key date on the iGaming calendar, gathering together C-level executives from the EGR Power 50. 

This Summit offers the possibility for Vita Media Group to showcase the growth achieved throughout 2021 with 11 times being shortlisted as one of the world’s top affiliates by different respectable iGaming organizations. The EGR Power 50 Summit will offer top iGaming companies to get introduced to Vita Media Group’s game-changer – the first loyalty and reward platform in iGaming. 

Our team members are available to talk about our business case and how our marketing cloud generates leads, how our loyalty and retention engine keeps players engaged, and how our value develops over time.

Jimmi Meilstrip and Filip Spasovski are joining the event.

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Vita Media Group in 2021 was for the first time listed as Top 20 Affiliates in the world according to the EGR Global Power Affiliates list.

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