Michael Asselta joins Vita Media Group as General Manager of North America to launch Affilisearch into the US

Vita Media Group, a Danish iGaming company and EGR Global’s Top 20th Affiliate for 2021, has appointed Michael Asselta as General Manager of North America for Affilisearch. Michael is an experienced growth strategist with multi-million dollar figures in traffic revenue in the past 7 years. Over the next few months, Mr. Asselta will be focusing on the launch and development of the US market for Affilisearch.

Jimmi Meilstrup, CEO of Vita Media Group, and Michael Asselta, General Manager of North America and Affilisearch

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 10th, 2022 – Vita Media Group is excited to announce the appointment of Michael Asselta as its new General Manager of Affilisearch. Michael Asselta will be responsible for Vita Media Group’s US operations while launching the Affilisearch network in the US.

Michael Asselta is an experienced advertising sales strategist who has achieved multi-million dollar figures in personal sales revenue and over three-digit million dollar revenue combined with sales teams under his guidance. Mr. Asselta decided to connect his expertise to Vita Media Group’s extensive know-how of data-driven and automated conversion affiliate marketing models to enable expansion into the US market through its unique offering of iGaming products and services.

“Having the US as our special market of interest changed our long-term strategy. Therefore, we are very excited to welcome Michael to develop our market approach and lead our expansion in the US. Primarily, we are more than happy to see our Ekstrapoint.com get introduced in the United States as the first loyalty and reward platform in iGaming. In the long run, we are looking forward to the introduction of our entire gaming portfolio to the US market” said Jimmi Meilstrup, CEO of Vita Media Group.

Mr. Asselta will work on two projects of interest for Vita Media Group in the US market: • Introduction of Ekstrapoint.com to the US market and players • Introduction of Affilisearch Network, which represents one of the first European affiliate networks.

Through these developments, Vita Media Group is further committing to its intent of a stronger focus and enhancement of online gaming, and at the same time exploring possibilities to launch new business verticals and expand to new markets. In November 2021, Vita Media Group acquired Affilisearch, one of the first European affiliate networks.

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