Catching up with new employees: Hristina and Emilija

Vita Media Group’s iGaming aims are growing day by day. We are experiencing such quick and simple growth thanks to all of the fantastic people who decided to share their enthusiasm with us.
The team is delighted to introduce great new faces to the company, Hristina Videvska who joined as a Backlinking Assistant, and Emilija Gjogievska as an Angular Developer.

Hristina is an experienced SEO & content writer who joined Vita Media Group to work with the amazing Content team. Hristina shared her Vita experience with us. 

What motivates you to grow up in your career?

Hristina: The possibility to learn new things and upgrade my skills is crucial to me. I am always looking for a role where I have variety in the work I am doing. A sense of achievement and overcoming challenges are essential for improved self-confidence, self-development, and career growth.

What are you working on in Vita Media Group?

Hristina: I work as a Backlinking Assistant, and my everyday tasks include analyzing the quality of the domains linking to our websites, creating internal linking strategies, identifying negative SEO attacks, performing competitor analysis, looking for potential backlinking opportunities, and making outreach contact to the relevant domains. All this contributes to a higher Domain Rating for our website, which results in the top position on the first Google search result page.

How would you describe our company?

Hristina: Vita Media Group is a company where you can do the work you love, be yourself, connect with your coworkers, share knowledge and be more productive. The work environment is vibrant, and the company is transparent and eager to push boundaries and test limits.

What are some highlights of the job so far?

Hristina: The company encourages creativity, and the work gives me an opportunity to learn new things, grow in my role, and evolve. 

Describe yourself in five words.

Hristina: Ambitious, detail-oriented, energetic, organized, adaptable.

What would you say about the company culture in Vita Media Group?

Hristina: The company culture is dynamic, and employees are motivated and eager to succeed and bring out the best in each other. This team is highly adaptive, and everyone has a sense of belonging at the company.

Emilija has a background in front-end development and joined Vita Media Group to help with exciting projects.

Do you think you are given enough freedom to do your work?

Emilija: I feel free to make choices and take actions that are in line with the company goals.

Do you find your work interesting and what are your everyday activities?

Emilija: My everyday activities as a frontend developer are to develop and maintain the user interface and also to optimize the user experience.

Describe yourself in five words.

Emilija: Communicative, reliable, honest, careful, adaptable.

What do you like about Vita Media Group?

Emilija: I really like the friendly atmosphere.

What would you say about the company culture in Vita Media Group?

Emilija: In my opinion, the company culture in Vita Media Group is flexible, transparent, and collaborative.

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